Our story


Più is a modern loungewear brand designed for people who like to be both chic and comfortable. Fueled by the desire to create loungewear that you can wear out, our main focus is perfectly tailored pajamas but we also make comfy cashmere and lifestyle accessories.

Più was founded by two friends – Gabriella and Valerie – who share a passion for beautiful and functional clothing. Introduced in Paris by their husbands, they initially connected over their international upbringing and, of course, love for pajamas.
Gabriella is half Australian and half Italian, but grew up in Hong Kong while Valerie, originally from Colombia, attended high school in Switzerland and college in Boston. Both Più founders are now based in Europe but are constantly on-the-go. Gabriella frequently travels to Asia and Australia, Valerie to South and North America. Travel has, and does, power their creativity. It also gave them the idea for Più; a result of their mutual need for clothing they could wear that was as beautiful as it was comfortable, as versatile as it was fattering.

From inception to production, every piece in the Più collection is inspired by Gabriella and Valerie’s exposure to various cultures. From the fabric, to the buttons, from the cuts down to the trimming, each element is meticulously chosen to create the best possible product. They don’t shy away from making long trips just to get the best materials out there.

Più is produced by a small family-owned garment manufacturer in Hong Kong. Gabriella works closely with its owner to oversee that everything is made according to Più’s high standards and ethos. All Più orders are packaged with the same love and care that goes into the creation of each piece. We use fabric bundles that double as awesome decorative pillows to brighten up your sofa, bed or desk chair.